Easy Sewing Project: Bandana Table Runners

Don’t worry. Your family member – the one who loves bandanas – will never miss a few of them if they happen to come up missing. Of course, once they see the new table runner you made from them they might get suspicious! Who wouldn’t love a cute bandana table runner now that bandanas come in a huge variety of colors and patterns? No longer do you have to choose from just the red and white or blue and white design we all know; now you’ll find bandanas with solid colors, flowers, rock stars, tie-dye and others. It’s easy to make a bandana table runner because you don’t have to hem the edges of the fabric!

There are two different ways you can make a table runner from bandanas. One is to stack two identical bandanas on top of each other, with right sides facing. At one corner, pin them, then sew straight across it, from one side to the other, for a total of a couple of inches or so. Open these up, lay a bandana on one of the two that are stitched together, pin two corners, then sew across it. The corners you sew this time should be opposite the corners you sewed first. Add another and another bandana, sewing them together at the corners, to make the table runner as long as you want. The diamond shapes created by the bandanas makes a lovely pattern for a table runner.

Create a different table runner by starting with two bandanas which are alike. Turn one side of one of the bandana under, lay the fold on the edge of the second bandana so that the two are side-by-side, and sew all the way across it. Keep the stitches very close to the fold. This will adjoin the two bandanas while leaving you with a flat seam that looks neat and tidy.

Make a backing for the above table runner by cutting a piece of lightweight fabric to be the same width and length as the runner. Stack the runner and the backing with right sides together. Sew around three sides of the material and trim the excess fabric very close to the stitches. Turn the table runner right-side-out and sew the opening shut. Press the new runner well on all four sides. Thread a needle and take a stitch, here and there, to tack the bandana to the backing. Make these small stitches along the seams of the bandanas.

A bandana table runner can be whimsical, beautiful or even a tribute to your favorite star. It’s all a matter of the bandanas you choose for the project. No matter what the design of the bandanas you’ll have a unique table runner like no one else’s!

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