Beginner’s Sewing Project: Scented Wash Cloths

Okay, you’ve learned the basic straight stitch and you’re ready to start making beautiful things for your home. Start out small, get really good at sewing, then move on to larger projects. There’s a small project you can do right away using things you have around your house to turn an ordinary washcloth into a scented décor piece for the bathroom.

The best washcloth for this project is one that’s thin so purchase cheap wash cloths from a dollar-theme store. Lay the washcloth out on a table and fold it lengthways. If you can see a difference between the front and the back of the washcloth fold it so that the right sides are together. Pin the washcloth across one short end and almost all the way up the long side.

Cut a length of narrow ribbon that would be long enough to wrap around the washcloth and tie shut. Fold the ribbon in half and place the fold between the layers of the washcloth on the long side. Since you’ve pinned the washcloth almost all the way up the long side, position the ribbon where you left off pinning, near the top of the washcloth.

Begin sewing down the long side of the washcloth. Take a few stitches, back-tack, then start stitching all the way down. Remove the pins as you sew down the long side and across the short side. When you get to the end of the short side, back-tack, then go forward a couple of stitches. Clip the threads and turn the washcloth right-side-out.

If you sewed the washcloth correctly the fold of the ribbon will be stitched between the two sides of the washcloth, near the top. After you fill the washcloth you can simply tie the “bag” shut. Use a cheese shredder to shred perfumed soap to place in the bag. Or, fill it with aromatic bath salts. After it’s filled, tie it shut with the ribbon, then embellish it.

Choose a large, artificial flower to attach to the ribbon area of the bag. Or, gather some dried flowers and arrange them near the tied area of the bag. Lay the scented washcloth on a shelf or counter in the bathroom. Or, after filling the bag with shredded soap gift it to someone to use in their own bath. Make a different gift by simply placing several sample sizes of bath products in the washcloth bag. The scented wash cloths look great just sitting on a shelf but can actually be used, too!

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